Raziel Glozman (razielglo) wrote,
Raziel Glozman


от Алексея Цветкова

"Термин "хуйло" постепенно укореняется в дипломатическом словаре. Недалек тот час, когда мидовским начальникам протокола придется объяснять, что он не является официальной частью титулатуры российского президента."

"As the conflict in eastern Ukraine has deepened in recent months, the chant of "Putin khuilo" has become ever more popular among Ukrainians who blame Russia for stoking discontent in the east. Khuilo is a Russian swearword that approximately translates as "fucker" or "dickhead".

Andriy Deshchytsia, the country's acting foreign minister, arrived at the Russian embassy to reason with crowds who had gathered outside, angered that pro-Russia rebels had brought down a Ukrainian transport plane near Luhansk early on Saturday, killing 49 people on board. The crowds threw rocks and eggs at the embassy, destroyed diplomatic vehicles, and painted swastikas on the gates, chanting "Putin is a fascist" and "Putin khuilo".

Deshchytsia tried to calm some in the crowd, telling them Russia should answer for its actions but that storming the embassy was not the correct response. When he was shouted down by the angry mob, he responded: "I am for you protesting. I am ready to be here with you and say 'Russia, get out of Ukraine'… Yes, Putin is a khuilo, yes."
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